Hundreds of churches and programs have been sued because of minors subjected to sexual molestation by church workers, members, leaders, volunteers and by other children. Unfortunately, some leaders ignore these concerns and fail to implement a prevention program. They think, No child has ever been molested in the walls of the church, so why worry? This attitude of denial is very dangerous. The lack of prevention programs leaves the children, the church and church leaders vulnerable.

The SafeWalls Initiative is a movement aimed to work together with churches, youth programs and agencies to prevent child sexual abuse. One important component of our program is awareness through education. We provide effective training to Pastors, Youth Leaders, Youth Workers and Volunteers.

SafeWalls has taken moderately simple, yet effective steps that will significantly reduce the likelihood of child sexual abuse. This training is to alert you to the seriousness of the risk but more importantly provides help so that we can reduce the possibility of such incidents from ever occurring. Now is the time to join hands as we take these positive steps to make churches a safer place for our children within our Walls

Don't miss your opportunity to learn how to create a safe place within the walls of your church and programs. Your staff, and volunteers will be empowered by this training to protect the children that you serve. Don't Be Blind! Child Sexual Abuse can happen and is happening within the Walls of our churches. Get trained to reduce the risk!

Child Abuse, whether emotional, verbal, neglectful, physical or sexual; is something we all pray against. We seek God to protect our homes, families, communities, neighborhoods and our city. The Bible states, we perish due to lack of knowledge. As we seek more knowledge, we as Christians can pray more effectively and have information on how to fight against the devices of the enemy. SafeWalls is just that!

As many churches and community youth programs experience growth, our desire is to implement every measure to safeguard our children and their families within the Walls of our churches and programs. Sexual abuse among children is something we do not want to think can happen in the church, but it can and it has.