About Training

Our training is designed to reduce the risk of child sexual abuse within the Walls of your Church or programs. SafeWalls not only provides child sexual abuse awareness training, it includes policies and procedures, application forms, screening forms, reference check forms, and interview forms.

Six Training Component

  • Awareness

    This module provides an overview of what child sexual abuse means, statistics and reporting. Included are data and characteristics of those who abuse (men, women, juveniles), why they abuse and conditions under which recidivism is less likely to occur.
  • Reducing the Risk

    This module discusses behaviours and environmental signs that suggest someone might pose a risk to a child and ways to reduce opportunity for sexual abuse within your Walls
  • Creating Dialogue

    This module focuses on training pastors, youth leaders and workers on how to communicate with children about healthy body boundaries and respectful relationships; how to communicate with children about their sexual behaviours to promote healthy development.
  • Knowing the Signals

    This module teaches how to recognize behavior and physical signs that might indicate a child is being or has been sexually abused.
  • Effective Response

    This module cover ways to support the child and his/her family victims; how to report to DCF; how to report and seek assistance for abusers and his/her family; how should be involved.
  • The Aftercare

    This module places focus on how to bring healing and support to the child and his/her family and to the abuser and his/her family.

How can you get this training? You can register for one of our upcoming trainings. Individual Registration is $50.00 Registration includes:

  • Training materials
  • Certificate of Completion

To host a training event at your facility: 1-5 people is $200.00, 6 or more $35.00 per person To Host Facilitate includes:

  • Training materials
  • Certificate of Completion for each participant
  • Receive A Partnership Certificate (This recognize your church as part of the movement of putting an end to Child Sexual Abuse)

Include our prevention system package for $150.00 (this is ideal for churches & youth programs) Prevention system includes:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Application Forms
  • Reference Check Forms
  • Interview Forms
Our forms have been crafted to accommodate a ministry or program that involves children. These document forms can be easily modified to fit your ministry needs.

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