Our mission is to INSPIRE, EMPOWER, ENCOURAGE, CONNECT, and ENGAGE women and girls, by providing a positive magazine and a sisterly connection without compromising our walk with Christ.

iNSPIRING Magazine will offer women and girls information and/or articles about the issues that affect women everyday: marriage, living single, parenting, relationships, spirituality, health, finances, fitness, career, and beauty.

Along with inspiring women, we are also providing space for advertisement. Yes, you can advertise an ad within our next issue of iNSPIRING MAGAZINE! This is an opportunity to promote your business at our very low introductory price. iNSPIRING MAGAZINE is a great resource of enlightenment as well as a creative approach to increase the awareness of the exceptional services you provide by reaching your target audience and potential customers.

Advertising and support of ministries with a growing widespread membership brings many people and customers to you, and that is what we are offering. We will give you the best ad placement! We have and are anticipating numerous readers, which will lead to the inquiring individual seeing your ad and identifying a need for your product, service, or participation in your upcoming event.

Guideline Submission: iNSPIRING Magazine is issued three times a year, January, May and September. All ADs must be finalized and submitted four weeks prior to the issue month. For example January issue must be submitted by December 5th.

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